Achillea: The Stories

We have channels on YouTube and Instagram... They are free. Some are told in German but most are in English.
The repertoire is constantly being added to.
There are also some written stories to be found at Christian's website. The link is below.
If you want to donate something please do. A lot of care and effort has gone into these stories.
In the shop, at the moment, you will find a downloadable audio book called "Where Strangers Meet". Buy the key from me, again via Paypal, and the stories are yours to keep. or send the money to my bank account
Deutsche Bank. DE82120700240255924300

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Follow the dreaming poet above and you will land at Christian's website. Here you will find poems and stories.

Pressing the Achillea below takes you to our Youtube channel. Subscribing to the channel would be a help to us.

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Wake the sleeping Lion King above and find yourself at Kerstin's website and her stories.

The Tea Wagon below will take you to Christian's Instagram page.

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Tales From The Tea House. A collection of some of Christian's favourite stories.

The book is coming soon
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