Achillea : The art of storytelling

In the Orient Achillea was hung above thresholds of doors to avert illness or unfriendly spirits and the dried stalks were used for divination in the I Ching. It is known to be All-Healing.

Hello, welcome to our website, which has been named after the flower Achillea because this unassuming plant has long been known for its healing power and we believe that stories also have the properties to heal.

Due to the restrictions imposed on us because of Covid-19, work has now completely dried up and our calendars are empty for this year. However, being a storyteller never stops. We decided to take the stories out to the world via the modern medium of the internet; a Youtube channel and an Instagram account where we will post our recorded stories.

Please enjoy them and if you can, support this project by making a donation, via Paypal,, or by buying a downloadable audio book.