Christian Rogers


Be patient dear reader, I am working on this.

The above photograph was taken in the study of the Author of Thomas The Tank Engine, the Rev.W. Awdry, where I was filming for an episode of Eisenbahn Romantik

At an early age Christian suffered from an acute form of institutions allergy. As a British subject, an institution, he was doomed. So, 35 years ago, in the interests of all concerned, he left to travel, as a juggler and street performer, around Europe. Along the way he discovered the power of storytelling. While still continuing to perform as a juggler, Christian has moved from the street and into theatres, classrooms and living rooms as a professional Storyteller. As well as telling he also teaches and has worked with the European Green Party, amongst others, giving a series of workshops teaching the art of oral storytelling. Recently he has also turned his attention to writing and, as well as writing a book about a Persian Poet, he currently writes a column on the healing power of stories for “Blickkpunkt”, a magazine for the Initiative Selbsthilfe Multiple Sklerose Kranker e. V.